Hi, I'm Rob Jefferson

I'm the owner of Scardina Credit Services, a leading credit building and restoration company based in Houston, TX. Our mission is to help you wipe away your past credit errors and put you on a path to credit worthiness and prosperity.

At Scardina we recognize that credit is personal. Whether you're looking to buy a new house or car, want to take out a low interest loan to take that family vacay or need to pay for that medical or dental procedure that your health insurance just does not cover; we’ll work with you at an affordable rate to help you reach your credit goals and fund your dreams.

In recent years, I have seen so many people looking to social media and getting sucked into various companies that advertise expensive credit repair services. I’m thinking to myself, why pay someone to do that when you can learn to do it yourself?

That's why I created Scardina Academy and the Power Up Your Credit online course; to give you the tools and knowledge I have learned and applied over the years both with my clients and for myself. To put the power to change your credit picture into your hands.

Full Disclosure

I’m not currently a homeowner. With Hurricane Harvey and the most recent snow freeze we had, I am fine living in my upscale apartment.

I don’t like to paint any fake images that I have this big house and a Mercedes. Heck no. I’m a simple guy that drives a very low mileage Toyota Venza.

However, I am grateful to say that I am able to take advantage of credit.

I know that having this option, provides not only freedom and flexibility, but also a sense of safety and security in knowing that should the need ever arise; I am able to use my credit to take care of whatever I need with no problems or delays.

I want you to experience the same for yourself.

Get It Straight

No fluff, no BS and no complex or confusing terms to be found in in this online course. Just easy to understand, proven and up to date credit repair and debt strategies that actually work.

Address & Improve

Get real world, actionable advice on how to address your credit errors and issues and turn them around into credit that works for you.

Do It Yourself

Become empowered to take care of your credit health. Learn how to boost your credit to new heights to save money on interest, meet your credit goals and funds your dreams!

Course Curriculum

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What Our Clients Have To Say

“I reached out to Rob in April 2021 because I found his business card in a gas station debit card slot (smart marketing move). At the time my credit score was around 520 and I was looking to purchase a semi truck to start my own business. After speaking with him, he was so knowledgeable about the credit game and offered me some free initial advice. Fast forward to August, my score went up 101 points all based on his work and advice. Best $89 a month I ever spent! Thanks Rob, for everything you did for me!” - Ezra B.